Thidawan Klaysri Roberts-ธิดาวรร   คล้ายศรี


Thidawan Klaysri, Trevor Fenner, Oded Lachish, Mark Levene and Panagiotis Papapetrou.  Analysis of Cluster Structure in Large-Scale English Wikipedia Category Networks.  International Symposium on  Intelligent Data Analysis, pages 261-272, Springer, 2013

Thidawan Klaysri, Trevor Fenner, Oded Lachish and Mark Levene. Analysing Clustering Structure in a Large-scale Wikipedia Category Network,  34 th International Network for Social Network Analysis on Large Scale Network Analysis, Hamburg, Germany, 2013

Thidawan Klaysri, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, and Mark Levene.  Clustering for Large-scale Social Network, London Knowledge Lab Research Exploring the Future of Learning with Digital Technologies

research area

  • Social Network Analysis  วิเคราะห์ข้อมูลเครือข่ายสังคม
  • Graph-based Clustering and Classification  จัดกลุ่มและจำแนกข้อมูลกราฟ

focusing applications

  • Community detection
  • Behaviour analytics
  • Recommendation in social networkings
  • Sentiment/Opinion Analysis in social networkings
  • Behaviour Analysis  of dementia patients

topics of interest

  • Data and network science
  • Big data analytics
  • How to produce a good data scientist in industry
  • Understanding more about dementia-Alzheimer's disease 

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